1000 WHY’S, 1 BEO


TV, Radio, OOH, Display




Campaign for opening BEO shopping mall should highlight all the advantages of this new shopping mall, and to stand out from the competition. We stood out advantages in the form of questions: „Why so big parking lot?“ , „Why new cinema?“, “Why PEEK & CLOPPENBURG?”…and the answers to all those questions is the campaign slogan “1000 WHY’S, 1 BEO”
OOH campaign had a teaser and a reveal phase. In the teaser phase, we were asking questions and in the reveal phase, we provided answers. TVC and Radio spots, we have presented them from the angle of “haters”, in a funny way, for example, those people, for which, the advantages of this new shopping mall aren’t important, so they are wondering and keep asking questions. So… A guy from Zemun is asking why the mall is on the other side of town, the girl with a skateboard is asking why so much parking space, the man lying in front of the TV is confused by opening a new cinema, etc.