Cookie Policy

What is a ‘cookie’?

A cookie is a small text file sent to your computer when visiting a website and it serves for easier navigation and a better website experience. European Union Directive 2009/136/EC allows for storing cookies on your device if they are necessary for this website to work, while all other cookies require your consent.

Cookies that are not necessary for the website to work, but are used to acquire useful information about how the website is used so we can continue improving it for our clients and in marketing purposes, can be used on our website.

What types of cookies do we use?

If you adjust the language, font size or a certain website version (e.g. high contrast mode), this requires user interface setting cookies. After setting up you do not need to list your preferences when visiting the website again.

If you use parts of the website that require registration to access, we will place an authentication cookie on your computer for that purpose, after which you may use these parts of the website without reauthentication.

To learn about the ways you use our website, we use network analytics services to register the number of visitors and user behaviour data such as keywords entered into the search engine, average time spent on site and number of webpages the user browses. We place a first-party analytics cookie for this purpose on your computer.

We can also use services like Google Analytics to monitor network statistics. In that case Google places a third-party cookie on your computer. This cookie is also placed when we use Google Maps.

Storage and management of all data collected through these cookies is performed by Sivo d.o.o or related entities.

If you require additional information or if you wish to get in touch with SIVO d.o.o, we will recommend you read our Privacy Policy.

Cookie control

You can set your browser to remind you when cookies are sent to you, and you can refuse to accept any cookies or delete cookies that were already sent.

If you want to limit or block cookies placed on your device via the Internet, you can do so by setting your browser settings; the procedure is explained in the help option within your browser. You can also visit the website (external link), containing detailed instructions about this procedure in various Internet browsers.